Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Yogurt Parfaits

Today we are celebrating Earth Day with some yummy Earth Day Yogurt Parfaits! :)
To celebrate Earth Day I made some Earth Day Yogurt Parfaits for Eliana. They were so easy to make and it was a fun and healthy snack! All you need is some vanilla yogurt, food coloring, granola,  toothpicks and two bowls.

To make these you will need two separate small bowls. In one bowl dye your vanilla yogurt blue, and in the other dye the yogurt green (a few good spoonfuls of each).  All you need is one drop of food coloring to mix in the coloring. Spoon all of the blue yogurt into your parfait cup, or bowl. Then with a toothpick I made some blue swirls with additional pin-drops of food coloring to add some design to the water for fun. You then can spoon the green yogurt on top to look like Earth. Mine isn't geographically correct, and that didn't seem to matter to Eliana thankfully :)
You can use another toothpick and add some green yogurt islands off to the side. For the "mountains" add some of your favorite granola. I added some peanut free and nut free granola (made from I.M. Healthy).  I only added a little for decoration but put the rest on the side so she could add more if she wanted to (which she did) :)
With this Earth Day Yogurt Parfait I didn't add the additional swirls of blue and added a confetti sprinkle heart in the middle :) Eliana LOVED these Earth Day Yogurt Parfaits! They were also a great way to start talking about our Earth and how much we need to love it and take care of it!

Our parfaits were made in our small glass pyrex cups, which worked out perfectly!

Happy Earth Day!

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