Friday, December 11, 2015

Rudolph Apple Snacks

Rudolph Apple Snacks: A Healthy and Fun Christmas Snack!
I cannot believe we are only TWO WEEKS away from Christmas! December has flown by! I made these simple Rudolph Apple Snacks as an after school snack for Eliana and Samantha. They both LOVED them! They are kid and toddler friendly! Samantha ate everything except for the apple slice. Licked all the wowbutter off and decided she no longer wanted the apple. But then later asked for plain apple slices! Toddlers! :)

This particular week has been a crazy week for us. For some reason we are all waking up late, running after the bus after it passes our house, I've been throwing lunches together right before rushing to the bus stop. Every Day. It has been a long week. Long weeks usually mean we are all more busy, stressed, and tired. So I made these Rudolph Apple Snacks to lighten the mood. They are really so simple to make, and the best part is there are no special tools required!

To make these Rudolph Apple Snacks you will need:
An apple (we used a Pink Lady Apple)
A sharp kitchen knife
Wowbutter or Sunbutter (or any nut butter if no allergies)
Mini chocolate chips (we use Enjoy Life Foods, which are Top 8 allergen FREE)
To assemble:
1. Cut your apple into slices. Do not core apple. Use the slices towards the top and bottom of your apple (with less core) for these snacks* 
2. Spread wowbutter or sunbutter over apple slice.
3. Place pretzels, mini chocolate chips and raspberries to make Rudolph's face.

*You can take the slices in the middle, core them, and top with wowbutter, chocolate chips, chia seeds and/or coconut flakes. Eat it like an apple "donut" or on top of toast.
And we sure did enjoy! We've made them already twice and Samantha asked for them again :)

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What fun snacks will you be making for Christmas?

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